Being Vegetarian

In case you didn’t know, I’m vegetarian and I lead a meat-free life. Being vegetarian isn’t as easy as it seems so I’m going to share a few tips to help out people who want to go vegetarian or are struggling with a vegetarian diet.

If you’re contemplating vegetarianism ask yourself why you’re doing it. Don’t do it because it’s ‘trendy and popular’, maintaining a healthy vegetarian diet is really hard so make sure it’s something you actually want to do before you make the decision.

If you’ve decided to be vegetarian decide what you will and won’t eat, there are many different branches of vegetarianism: Lacto-Ovo vegetarians (eat both dairy products and eggs), Lacto-vegetarians (eat dairy products but avoid eggs), Ovo-vegetarians (eat eggs but not dairy products) and pescetarians (eat fish but no meat).  I am Lacto-Ovo vegetarian so I only cut out meat because I’m fine with eating dairy and eggs. Another thing to consider is gelatine which is a setting agent in jelly and lollies that is made out of animal bones, I personally don’t eat anything with gelatine but there’s nothing wrong with being vegetarian and still eating it.

Once you’ve decided what kind of vegetarian diet you are going to follow it’s time to supplement. Being vegetarian isn’t as simple as cutting out meat, you need to supplement it with other food items that contain the vitamins you’re missing out on: protein and iron. I eat lots of eggs, beans, tofu and fake meat products in my meat-free diet. When supplementing think of what meat would usually go in the dish you are having and find an alternative similar to that. I personally enjoy having fake meat as an alternative because it tastes and looks like real meat, even if my family and friends gag at the sight of it!

Last but not least, eating out. Most restaurants will have at least one or two vegetarian options, sadly being vegetarian massively limits your menu choices but some restaurants cater really well to vegetarians! Also, if you’re traveling, make sure you order your type of vegetarian e.g. Lacto-Ovo. I’ve had my experiences with receiving vegan food, no offense to vegans but that stuff is pretty gross!

Hopefully, this post helps make vegetarianism easier. if you’d like to see more posts about vegetarianism or why I’m vegetarian just leave a comment letting me know.

That’s just my taste of B’liss xx

2 thoughts on “Being Vegetarian

  1. I have never tried to only eat vegetarian over a period of time, but I combine eating maybe for a couple of days no meat. Seems like avoiding eggs is an option i should try


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