How To Make Studying More Bearable

Sometimes studying is the last thing you want to do, sometimes studying really sucks. Whilst it’s not something that’s necessarily enjoyable, there are some easy things you can do to make it slightly more bearable.

Have a nice space, I mention this a lot but that’s because it’s so important that your study space makes you happy and is somewhere you can work well in. Click here for some tips on creating the perfect study space.

Light a candle or use a diffuser, this can help to make your space nice and a little more relaxing.

Listen to instrumental music or white noise, I personally love to switch between the Instrumental Studying playlist on Spotify, and I find having something playing in the background when I study helps me focus and I get less bored.

Find fun study methods, merely reading is boring, whereas doing something like flashcards or if you’re like me, creating pretty notes and mindmaps is more entertaining. Find study methods that are both effective and that you enjoy, or at least don’t hate.

Study with friends, definitely don’t do this all the time because it can be distracting, if you’re like me you’ll probably talk more than actually work but studying with friends can be a fun way of getting things done. When studying with friends try to do something where you talk to each other like quizzing each other on the content, if you have loads of snacks and good friends you might actually have a fun time studying.

Hopefully some of these tips help, I hope everyone has an amazing week and hopefully I’ll have another post up next Saturday!

Wingardium Leviosa xx

“Oh, I’m Just Too Busy”

“Hey, are you free to catch up with me on the weekend?”

“Oh, sorry. I’m just too busy.”

We’ve all had that conversation, or something extremely similar. The frank reality is that it’s generally very far from the truth. Yes, maybe you have a lot on but most of us spend more time telling people we’re ‘too busy’ than actually, you know, doing the things we’re ‘busy doing’. Whilst it’s definitely vital to not overwork yourself, you shouldn’t work up a mindset that you’re always ‘too busy to do anything’ because you’ll miss out on opportunities that you’ll very likely regret missing later. We all have the same amount of hours in the day, it’s how we choose to use them that actually matters. I’m a firm believer in having wind down time, so definitely let yourself have an hour of Netflix each day, however, don’t tell somebody you’re ‘too busy’ and then proceed to watch Netflix for five hours. I myself am definitely an over-committer, I reached this conclusion when I realised I’d double booked myself for the about the tenth time, I’m not suggesting my approach, it suits me as I like being busy, however probably isn’t the healthiest approach to time management. What I am suggesting is saying yes to a few things every once in a while, go on that jog with a friend, sign up for that school club or say yes to the volunteer opportunity you’ve been wondering about. This is an approach I’ve adopted within the last year and it’s meant I’ve had some amazing opportunities to do some things I wouldn’t have generally experienced. You’re very unlikely to regret giving things a go but you will regret not taking the opportunity, and on that corny note, have a great week!