My current favourite pens

Let’s be honest, pens can make me happy or make me sad, depending on their quality. I would label myself as a bit of a pen snob if I’m being truthful. I have collected a lot of pens over the years and have a few that are my go to favourites, I’ll also provide links to all these products on Amazon in case anyone is looking for new pens to try, keep in mind some of these might be only available in Australia but majority of them should be able to be purchased worldwide.

Zebra Mildliners

My number one go to. I love these so much, they’re dual end highlighters that come in a range of beautiful colours that set a beautiful palette for note taking. These are quite pricey but definitely worth the money! Link to purchase.

Tombow brush pens

I can’t stress the quality of these enough, if you’re into brush lettering these are a must have. They have two tips, one brush tip and one thin marker tip, they’re great for headers and calligraphy. The only downside is they are quite pricey so I wouldn’t try to collect every colour, only the ones you like. Link to purchase.

Staedleter Triplus Fineliners

These are great for subheadings when taking notes, the colour range of them matches that of the mildliners which makes it easy to colour code notes, they are super smooth to write with and come in packs with lots of different colours. Link to purchase

Muji Gel Ink Pens

I only recently tested the muji pens but I’d definitely recommend them, they’re not ridiculously expensive and write very smoothly. A bonus is that their ink dries quickly so they’re great to highlight over the top of. Link to purchase

Zebra Sarasa Gel Ink Pens

These are quite similar to the muji pens but they’re also amazing for note taking, they flow very well and overall are of a great quality. The ink does take a while to dry so if you’re highlighting over them make sure to wait a few minutes. Link to purchase

I definitely have a pen problem but it’s okay hey? Whatever makes me happy 🙂

“When in doubt go to the library,”-Hermione Granger